Cities in Israel

"How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!"
(BaMidbar 24:5)


Netanya. Photo:

Netanya is a city located on the Mediterranean coast in the Sharon Valley, 30 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

Netanya was founded in 1929. Its first inhabitants were immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Netanya received its name in honor of Nathan Strauss, who donated a large sum to the new settlement.

In Netanya there are two industrial zones.

Netanya is a prosperous resort town and tourist center.

The city has beautiful beaches and hotels.

In Netanya also there are various attractions for tourists, including several museums.

To the north of the city on the bank of the river Alexander there is a national park.

Tel Hay 8
Tel. 09-8603131

The National Insurance Institute of Israel ("Bituah Leumi"):
Herzl 68
Tel. *6050, 12226050

Israeli Employment Service ("Lishkat Taasuka"):
Bareket 3
Tel. 09-8600300

The Ministry of Interior ("Misrad ha-Pnim"):
Remez 13
Tel. 09-8302111, 09-8302120

Israel Tax Authority:
"Mas Ahnasa":
Smilyansky 6
Tel. 09-8602525, 09-8602601
Smilyansky 8
Tel. 09-8606333, 09-8606301
"Misuy Mekarkain":
Smilyansky 6
Tel. 09-8602525, 09-8602666

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing:
Tel. 03-7632777, 03-7632806

Israel Ministry of Tourism:
Kikar ha-Atzmaut 12
Tel. 1-700-709292, 09-8827286

Laniado Hospital
Tel. 09-8604666

City streets and attractions near the city:

Nahal Alexander

Utopia Orchid Park

The distance
(in straight line):

to Jerusalem - 68 km
to Tel Aviv - 28 km
to Haifa - 56 km
to Beer Sheva - 118 km